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Dermal Therapy Advanced Skin Treatments

  • Dermapen treatment


    The Dermapen Cryo allows you to regain flawless skin, all over. With it’s quick and pain-free treatment, we can remove unsightly warts, skin tags, age spots/sunspots, cherry angioma, spider veins and more in seconds.


    • $POA

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  • shutterstock_230184496

    Dermapen 3

    Erase your skin’s past with Dermapen 3.

    The Dermapen 3 creates fractional micro-channels that will activate your skin’s own renewal and repair response. Our most popular treatment and for good reason, the results seen with Dermapen 3 are nothing short of amazing. (more…)

    • $299 for a single face treatment. POA for body areas.
    • $1645 for a prepaid package of 6 treatments, face.
    • $30 for Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask Infusion as add on to Dermapen treatment

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  • Medilift


    Peels, Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling…. They are all great treatments to improve the skin.

    It is not unusual to have a skin program written up where you the client will come over a period of time and experience each of these treatments individually to achieve the desired results.  (more…)

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    • teen acne program

      Teen Acne Facial Program

      Got Zits?

      Believe it or not acne does not need to be a rite of passage for teens.

      At the Dermal Solution Skin Clinic we can tailor a simple yet effective skin program to help stop those Zits in their tracks before they have a chance to cause permanent scarring. (more…)

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      • skin-clinic-melbourne

        Signature Medilift Treatment

        The Signature Medilift Treatment offers revitalision, rejuvenation & regeneration. This is a highly results driven treatment that will give you the wow factor and have your friends wondering how you get your skin to look so good. (more…)

        • $189

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      • ssled

        SSLED (Seven Spectrum Light Emitting Diode)

        A non invasive light therapy that can treat a wide variety of skin conditions successfully and has been proven to restore youth to ageing skin, encourage cellular rejuvenation, calm red capillaries and blemishes, as well as reduce acne and oily skin without producing heat in the tissue and destroying cells. (more…)

        • $49as an add on to any facial treatment
        • $80on its own

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      • electrolysis-treatment


        Diathermy is a simple yet effective solution to regain smooth and bump free skin. Advanced cosmetic procedure using electrolysis to remove fibrous and vascular skin blemishes such as red veins, spider veins, blood spots, skin tags, milia [whiteheads], sebaceous hyperplasia and many other marks or lumps and bumps on the skin. (more…)

        • $6010 minutes
        • $9020 minutes
        • $12030 minutes

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      • electrolysis-treatment


        We are one of the few salons who specialise in electrolysis permanent hair removal treatments in the Essendon and Strathmore  area. At the Dermal Solution we use Thermolysis for our permanent hair removal. Thermolysis, also known as short-wave method, or high frequency method destroys the hair follicle by heat or electrocoagulation. It works wonders for thick, grey, blonde and light hairs, or hairs that have been unresponsive to laser and IPL treatments. (more…)

        • $POA

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      • microdermasion


        The Minivac microhydrabrasion is the latest deep cleansing and exfoliating facial treatment to ensure smooth and clear skin. Perfect for those with thickened, oily and congested skins or sun damaged skin in need of thorough exfoliation. (more…)

        • $11060 min, Face
        • $16090 min, Face, Neck and Décolletage

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